NYLON Multi Braided sleeving

NYLON Multi Braided sleeving

  • Excellent cut through and abrasion resistance
  • Soft fabric like feel
  • Continuous use temperature of -70C to 125C (-103F to 257F)
  • Melt temperature of 250C (482F)
  • Virtually non-expandable
  • Available in a very wide variety of sizes to suit your needs
  • Halogen Free, ROHS compliant
  • Resists Gasoline, Engine Chemicals & Cleaning Solvents
  • Will not retain moisture, and resists microbial (mildew) growth - highly suitable for Marine applications.
Diameter Feet Buy
1/8" 1000 FT/SPOOL
$63.00 BSNYMF0125
3/16" 1000 FT/SPOOL
$95.00 BSNYMF0188
1/4" 500 FT/SPOOL
$75.00 BSNYMF025
5/16" 500 FT/SPOOL
$85.00 BSNYMF0313
3/8" 250 FT/SPOOL
$50.00 BSNYMF0375
1/2" 250 FT/SPOOL
$85.00 BSNYMF050
5/8" 250 FT/SPOOL
$92.00 BSNYMF0625
3/4" 250 FT/SPOOL
$120.00 BSNYMF075
7/8" 250 FT/SPOOL
$135.00 BSNYMF0875
1" 200 FT/SPOOL
$150.00 BSNYMF100
1-1/4" 125 FT/SPOOL
$99.00 BSNYMF125
1-1/2" 100 FT/SPOOL
$99.00 BSNYMF150
2" 100 FT/SPOOL
$109.00 BSNYMF200
2-1/2" 100 FT/SPOOL
$160.00 BSNYMF250
3" 100 FT/SPOOL
$175.00 BSNYMF300
4" 100 FT/SPOOL
$185.00 BSNYMF400

NYLON Multi Braided Sleeving

A multifilament is a combination of many small strands twisted together to form one single strand (like a piece of string). A monofilament is a single end (like a Nylon guitar string or a tennis racket string). By using finer filaments to make a braided sleeve, the end product feels softer, more like a fabric than plastic sleeving. Nylon multifilament braided sleeving is commonly used on audio /video cables for a more professional look (almost looks like a cotton sleeve). Also, in wet applications, nylon multifilament has abrasion resistance better than one would expect.

Is This sleeving Fray Resistant?

Due to the inherent nature of a braided sleeve, since our nylon multifilament braided sleeving is manufactured from multifilaments and it's non-expandable, it is mostly fray resistant and can be cut with ordinary scissors. There will however be some fray within the individual filaments.

To combat this, we offer two simple solutions

1) Since this sheathing has inherent fray resitance, all you really need to do to "tidy up" the ends is to cover the ends with heat shrink tubing (our 3:1 dual wall is a great solution since it's sold in 4 foot pieces instead of spools).

2) While a hot knife will definitely net you a true non-fray end on your braided sleeving, it will leave your ends somewhat melted together, and you may need to open up the end to facilitate installation. Just simply turn on the hot knife, and run the sleeve down the blade, and the sleeve is cut very easily. Just make sure you're in a well ventilated or spacious area.

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