Air Handling Ties

Air Handling Ties's air handling ties are suitable for air handling areas and HVAC (heating venting and air conditioning) duct work. Available in long lengths - 3 foot cable ties, 4 foot cable ties and 5 foot cable ties. Also available in Burgundy air space color for plenum wiring. has a variety of air handling and duct cable ties available for customers to purchase. Choose from different nominal sizes to help accommodate all customers’ demands. The shortest of the air handling ties is the 7”, which is available only in burgundy and comes in a convenient bag of 100. The 11” air handling ties have a maximum bundle diameter of 3”. This specific size is only available in burgundy and comes in quantities of 100 per bag. The 14” air handling tie has a maximum bundle diameter of 4” and is available in burgundy and packs of 100. The 8” mounting hole option has a maximum bundle of 2.4” and is available only in packs of 100 and comes in burgundy. Some of the longer air handling ties we have available start at 36” (3 feet) which have a maximum bundle of 11.0” and come in your choice of black or natural color. Each of the 36” air handling ties comes in bags of 50. The 48” (4 feet) option has a maximum diameter of 15.0” and comes in black, natural or gray in bags of 50. The 60” (5 feet) air handling ties option has a maximum bundle diameter of 20.0” and only comes in natural and quantities of 50 per bag
Length Bag Buy
7" 100 PCS/BAG
$69.00 CTAH-07
8" 100 PCS/BAG
$117.00 CTAHMH-08
  • Dimensions & Technical Specs

Nominal Size Actual Length Max bundle Diameter Colors
7" 7.5" 2.2" Burgundy
11" 11.2" 3" Burgundy
14" 14.5" 4" Burgundy
8" Mounting Hole 2.4" Burgundy
36" 35.9 11 Black, Natural
48" 48 15
Black, Natural, Gray
60" 60 20 Natural
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