Hook and Loop ties

Velcro® Brand Hook and Loop Cable Ties

Organize cables and wires throughout your home and office with these unique, easy to use Velcro® Brand Hook and Loop Cable Ties. These cable ties are made from industrial strength materials and have simple hoop and loop fastening mechanisms. The unique design allows the user to quickly secure loose cables, wires and other objects by simply wrapping the strap around the object and back onto itself for a secure hold. Not only are these cable ties simple to use, but they are reusable and can be opened and closed hundreds of times. These Velcro® Brand Hook and Loop cable ties are one of the easiest cable ties to use, they are extremely gentle on wires, and can be fastened very quickly. Available in a variety of lengths and colors, Buyheatshrink.com has your entire Velcro® Brand hook and look cable tie needs for all of your cord and cable control and network installations needs. The shortest length of the Velcro Hook and Loop cable ties is the 8” x ¾” size which comes in either a bag of 25 black, blue, green, orange, red, white or yellow cable ties or in an assorted 15 pack (black, blue, green, red, and yellow – 3 of each color). The 12” x ¾” comes in bag quantities of 100 in black. The 18” x ¾” size is only available in black and come in bags of 100. The 8” x 1” size comes in bags of 100 and can be ordered in black, yellow, green or red. And the largest of the Velcro® Brand Hook and Loop cable ties available is the 12” x 1” which is only available in black and quantities of 100. These Velcro® Brand Hook and Loop cable ties are a great investment if you are looking for secure, easy to use cable ties that can be reused hundreds of times!

Width Length Buy
3/4" 8"
100 PCS/BAG$88.00
100 PCS/BAG$60.00
25 PCS/BAG$18.00
25 PCS/BAG$8.00
15 PCS/BAG$6.00
1" 8"
100 PCS/BAG$88.00
100 PCS/BAG$66.00
100 PCS/BAG$50.00
  • Dimensions & Technical Specs

Width Length Colors
Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow
Assorted (Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow) 3 of each color
3/4" 12" Black
3/4" 18" Black
1" 8"
Black, Yellow, Green, Red
1" 12" Black
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