Heat Shrink Oven

Model 2525 Industrial Oven

SCHEME™ Speed Controlled Energy Management Environment
A proprietary system that automatically varies the speed of the conveyor to compensate for changing temperatures. The result is a constant heat - time product that insures superior uniformity of output product at speeds to 100 inches per minute. There is little or no waiting to load the conveyor.

  • Accurate Digital Speed Control (using stepper motor)
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • Turbulent Air Flow system for fast processing
  • 99 Programs available for storing speeds and temperature
  • High Limit Safety Shut Down (if blowers fail)
  • Conveyor Stop Safety Shut Down (if conveyors stop moving when they are programmed to run: the heat is shut off)
  • Two Year Warranty on Electronics, One Year on All Mechanical Parts exclusive of conveyor belt and bearings
  • Digital Date and Time Clock
  • Automatic Settable Start Up and Shut Down Times with choice of days of the week

Oven Specifications:

  • Operating Oven Temperature Range: Room temperature to 350 deg. F
  • Conveyor Speed: 1 to 100 inches per minute
  • Oven opening: height 6", width 12"
  • Length of unit including conveyors: 92" x 12"wide.
  • Length of conveyor outside of oven27"
  • Length of Oven Housing: 52" x 36"wide x 18"high
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Operating Voltage: 220V Operating Power requirements; 5000 watts 20 Amps Single PH
  • Operating Ambient Temperature range: 10 to 40 deg. C
  • CE Listed FCC Class B Certification Patents Pending 

Optional Components:

Custom extruded aluminum movable stand with 5" dia. locking wheels……….$975.00 USD

EST. Ship: 4-6 weeks ARO. F.O.B. Niles, IL

Every New Shrink Industrial Oven carries a One Year Warranty on the electronics and mechanical components (excluding conveyor belt & bearings). 

Optional Components Buy
Heat Shrink Oven 2525
$11,900.00 OVEN
Heat Shrink Oven Stand
$975.00 OVEN-STAND

Heat Shrink Oven - The Model 2525 Industrial Oven is designed specifically for shrinking heat shrink tubing, and is a great alternative to a heat gun where high throughput is necessary. Featuring user friendly touch controls, a numeric keypad and easy to read LCD readout, this oven is perfect for manufacturing settings. Highly accurate digital speed control (using a stepper motor) and electronic temperature control allows for repeatable consistent results. Turbulent air flow system provides fast processing.

The Shrink Oven also features 99 program slots for storing speeds and temperatures, and startup, shut down times and even days of the week. Digital date and time clock. Tubing sold separately.

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