Slice 135 Heat Shrink Tubing Cutter

Slice 135 Heat Shrink Tubing Cutter

  • Precision Engineered and machined with State of the Art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining.
  • Aluminum, stainless steel and hardened tool steel construction
  • Simple changover procedure allows you to switch products and/or speeds in seconds.
  • Adjustable cutting speed from 1”-30 inches per second
  • Easy to load product utilizing adjustable, triple-roller guide wheels.
  • Spring Loaded drive tension with one drive wheel and one idler wheel to enhance pulling action.
  • Polyurethane coated wheels so your tubing doesn't get scratched..
  • User friendly touch controls with numeric keypad and easy to read LCD readout
  • Up to 99 stored standard programs with up to 30 additional “batch programs”. each “batch” program can contain up to 10 standard programs.
  • User selected units of either inches or millimeters
  • Accuracy is within +/- 1.0 millimeter
  • All air filters and regulators are included
  • ¼” X 3” opening aperture.
  • Stainless Steel wheels available in lieu of Poly wheels at no extra cost.
Optional Components Buy
Slice 135 Cutter (Standard cut tolerance)
$6,900.00 CUT-135
Replacement Blade for Slice 135
$162.50 CUT-135-BLADE
Replacement Die Bottom for Slice 135
$115.00 CUT-135-DIE
HEDS-5500 E06 OPTICAL ENCODER for Slice 135
$149.90 CUT-135-EL3090
Extension Arms (for 24" spools) for Slice 135
$95.00 CUT-135-EXT
Reel Mount, Machined and Painted
$67.60 CUT-135-MFB1422
MFB2483 Poly Drive Wheel For Slice 135
$250.00 CUT-135-MFB2483
MFB3185 Urethane Drive Wheel for Slice 135
$250.00 CUT-135-MFB3185
MFB3312 Poly Idler Wheel For Slice 135
$250.00 CUT-135-MFB3312
MULTICUT Reel System and Throuat Guid for 5 ends
$1,075.00 CUT-135-MULTI
STEP MOTOR ASSEMBLY SST58D5820 for Slice 135
$413.60 CUT-135-SA4119
SUP1598 (Roller bearing FOR SLICE 135)
$15.25 CUT-135-SUP1598
Throat Guid assembly for Slice 135
$375.00 CUT-135-THROAT

Slice Model 135 Heat Shrink tubing cutting machine

The Model 135 shrink tubing cutter will cut up to 13,000 4 inch pieces in 1 hour! With an input space of 3" x 3/16", you can cut a wide range of tubing sizes at feed rates ranging from 1" per second up to 30" per second. Machine comes equipped with polyurethane coated feed wheels (to keep your polyolefin heat shrink tubing from getting marked or scratched), and all air filters and regulators. Standard cut accuracy +/- 1 mm. Cuts adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing, basic polyolefin heat shrink, and many other types. Tubing sold separately. Please contact us if the option you want is not shown on the website.

Power & Air Requirements: 115/230 volts at 50/60-hertz single phase and air pressure maintained at 80 psi min

Cutter Dimensions: 15’’ wide x 12’’ high x 18’’ deep 

Unit Weight: 35 Lbs.

Every model carries the same one year warranty on electronics and mechanical elements (exclusive of blades or poly-wheels) or one million cuts, whichever comes first.

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