Custom Printed Heat Shrink Tubing

Personalize where others can't with our custom options.

Print text or detailed logos in a range of colors, including gold and silver, and on round pipe

BHS - Custom Tubing - Black Gray Red Ink

Leave Your Mark offers precision printing for your brand

  • Both Text & Branded Logo Options
  • Very readable after shrinking
  • Gold & Silver ink available
  • Clear tube printing
  • Print on any diameter up to 3''


Hi-Resolution Keeps Text Readable After Shrinking

BHS - Custom Tubing - 3 Small White BHS - Black Ink Tubing


Sign Your Work

BHS - Custom Tubing - 2 Small Yellow
BHS - Custom Tubing - Purple

Or drop in a logo for a higher degree of personalization

And Bring Clarity to Your Jobsite
can print on clear tubing
BHS - Custom Tubing - Clear
And Don't Forget We Are The Only Ones Who Print On Round Tube

Choose Any Diameter Polyolefin Tube Under 3''

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