Heat-Shrink Tubing also called heat shrink or heatshrink is an industrial grade plastic product that is easy to use and very common in today’s electrical work. Owing to its ease of use and durability, heat shrink tubing is the leading product used for insulating wires to protect against abrasion, environmental threats and strain relief for breakouts and connector-to-cable transitions.

An electrical technician’s work grows more demanding every day, whether working on electrical joints, terminals, transmitters or circuits. It is their job to employ the most effective safeguards against stranded and solid wire conductors, connections and anything involving wire splices. Heat Shrink Tube for wire has replaced electrical tape as the go-to applicator for creating a safe connection with longevity.

BHS - Heat Shrink

¼ inch heat shrink tubing is one of the most common sizes used for heat shrink wire

While heat shrink tubing is now the standard for building electrical systems, it also plays a crucial role in the repair of wire insulation. It’s highly manipulatable nature makes it uniquely suited for many tough jobs, particularly in establishing cable entry seals. Though not mandatory, the use of a heat shrink printer allows a high degree of specificity and personalization to accurately mark your work at the job site.


Heatshrink may be ordered in a wide variety of types and styles that match the intended use case. Heat shrink tubing sizes are one of the most important considerations for the type of job—see BuyHeatShrink’s guide for selecting the correct size heat shrink tube. Here you may compare the various heat shrink size ratings, which vary by expansion ratio (based on expansion and recovery rate). After exposure to a heat source, heat shrink tubing commonly shrinks by one-half to one-sixth of its diameter.

Heat Shrink Tubbing

Heat-shrink tubing’s variety is the result of various chemical compositions. The exact “recipe” of each type is based on the intended job application. The chemical additives used to help it shrink are also carefully chosen to help it endure a variety of environmental conditions.


Heatshrink may be custom-ordered in a variety of designs, lengths, colors, and circumferences; so you'll be able to find a type of heat shrink tubing for almost any project. Heatshrink works well in both residential and commercial structures. The 2 most popular varieties of heat shrink tubing are black and clear:

heat shrink tubing blackheat shrink tubing clear 

Heat shrink tubing also works great in isolating and insulating electrical currents. Almost anyone can learn how to use this material and quickly become an expert. It's often used for bundling, environmental sealing, insulating, and providing abrasion resistance to connections, terminals, joints, and wire conductors.

When heat is applied to heat shrink tubing, it shrinks not in length, but in diameter. The source of heat will depend on the temperature setting and weight of the tubing, which has different thickness levels based on the job.

Electrical professionals commonly use heat guns, which come in a range of styles, though in an ad-hoc situation, a blowdryer or lighter may work:

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